Aggregate Construction Materials Testing

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Western Geotechnical & Laboratory Services covers a vast range of tests in the Aggregate construction materials testing space, servicing many local and national companies. We pride ourselves on efficiently testing aggregate for all uses in construction. Our scope of testing can be used to determine suitability or conformance for asphalt, concrete, ballast, armor rock, shotcrete and pavement materials.

Outside of the scope of general classification, density and shape testing in accordance to AS 1141, ASTM and industry standards including:

  • Sodium sulphate soundness
  • Accelerated soundness by reflux
  • Wet dry strength variation and aggregate crushing value
  • Degradation factor
  • Organic impurities and sugar
  • Polished aggregate
  • Los Angeles abrasion and resistance to attrition
  • Specialised laboratory crushing of samples to obtain testing fractions for any AS 1141 / aggregate test method
  • All classification and shape testing
aggregate construction materials testing

If you require an aggregate test we want to hear from you – if we are unable to help, we can provide information on who can, or project manage through our trusted and approved supply chain.

Please see the links tab to help you in sampling and providing material to our geotechnical laboratory, enabling our team to process your samples in a timely fashion helping you meet your deadlines for your upcoming project or conformance deadline.

NATA Accredited

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