Portable Annex Laboratories

Our Portable Annex Laboratories The Western Geotechnical team are underway for another success story with our portable Annex Laboratories into the heart of Western Australia. We are renowned for our ability to deliver on time and accurate results for clients in remote and challenging locations. For more info about our remote testing services click here.

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A year to remember at Western Geo

Western Geotechnical & Laboratory Services has been NATA accredited now for over a year and operational for over 12 months. In just this one year, we have established ourselves to be the premier construction materials testing laboratory in Western Australia. From our successful annex laboratory projects in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, to the

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Proud sponsors of the Kalamunda Cougars Womens Football Team

Actively supporting the community that supports us is one of Western Geotechnical's core drives. We are proud to have the capacity to contribute to local sporting communities and that is why we, as a business, are proud sponsors of the Kalamunda Cougars Womens' WAAFL Football Team. The Kalamunda Cougars, or the The Kalamunda and

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A Helpful Link

Below is a very helpful link from CCAA regarding the use of Aggregate for Railway Ballast https://www.ccaa.com.au/imis_prod/documents/Library%20Documents/Tech%20Note%2075%20Railway%20Ballast%20LR.pdf Technical Note 75 -Aggregate for Railway Ballast AS 2758.7 gives a practical overview of the testing requirements for good rail ballast. Western Geotechnical holds current NATA accreditation for all test methods outlined in the document and can provide

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Is Your Laboratory Working For You?

Is your laboratory working for you? Having been in the industry for the best part of 15 years, I have noticed that many laboratory services are dictated by what the methods allow or what fits into their personal schedule. Western Geotechnical’s core business values ensure that we place you, the client first. We understand

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Our Accreditation

Western Geotechnical and Laboratory Services has enthusiastically entered the market. Receiving accreditation formally by NATA was a big achievement as any laboratory professional who has been through the experience would appreciate. Our team could not thank the NATA lead assessor and Technical auditor enough for what was a smooth and practical assessment. Thanks also to

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