Construction Materials Testing for Soil – We can save you time and money!

Timely and accurate construction materials laboratory testing for Soil is not only important for cost control on projects and investigations, but just as important is reliability. We understand that must be able to rely on your results from your laboratory, we ensure you have the trust and confidence to efficiently move forward without delay. The potential cost savings cannot be gauged on testing pricing, but the ability to utilise those quality results at a later stage.

Our laboratories Soil Testing procedures (whether it is for Civil, Mining or Domestic engineering)adhere to strict laboratory processes, and we can guarantee all testing methods produce results with highest level of quality and efficiency.

construction materials testing for soil

Our Laboratory construction materials testing scope outside of general classification, strength and compaction testing in accordance to AS 1289, MRWA, ASTM and many more standards includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Laboratory Permeability Testing – Falling Head, Constant Head and Flexible Wall Permeability
  • Dispersion testing – Emerson, Pinhole, Percent Dispersion
  • Playing Field Assessment – USGA Particle Size, Porosity, Hydraulic Conductivity, Water Holding Capacity and Moisture Release Curve.
  • Compaction and CBR Testing (Laboratory holds over 50 mould’s for efficient completion of large projects)
  • Classification Testing including Particle Size Analysis, Hydrometer, Shrink Swell Index and Atterberg Limits
  • Organic testing both Chemical and Loss on Ignition
  • Thermal and Electrical Conductivity / Resistivity

Our laboratory also offers its services to Sampling and Compaction Control services, please call to discuss.

Our Laboratory Sample and minimum size requirements are in the links tab, please note if your sample doesn’t meet these requirements, we ask for you to call us to discuss the options available.

The laboratory is in a high growth phase and we can project manage or handle any testing enquiries, if we are unable to help, we can easily put you in contact or manage any testing through our trusted and approved supply chain.

NATA Accredited

We encourage growth but to understand the market we need your feedback, if there is something you are having trouble with or an area of the market that is currently being under serviced, we want to know about it. This communication is the key for us helping well into the future


Watch this space some more exciting services to come….